Our advisory service offerings help to remove the complexity from your Splunk big data intelligence initiatives. We work hard to understand your business requirements and recognise the need to provide real, measurable business value, rather than just a technology solution. Our advisory services are very flexible and can be scoped for smaller, ‘quick win’ initiatives, to much larger strategic efforts.

Using our Discover-Intelligence framework, we take a modular based approach consisting of two distinct phases; Discover and Intelligence. During the Discover phase, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business use cases and assess current state against identified goals. This is followed by the Intelligence Phase, where we analyse what has been discovered, applying intelligence and expertise to deliver recommendations and a roadmap to get you there.

Data Integration

Data integration is critical for ensuring visibility across all of your business data and to maximize intelligence gathering capabilities. However, integrating data from many disparate sources can be challenging and time consuming, and is often overlooked. An effective data integration approach forms a key part of any successful data intelligence strategy. We can help formulate an effective and usable data integration approach for all of your data sources, whether they be on-premise or in the cloud or a mix of both.

Data Platforms

We have significant experience in helping both small and large enterprises successfully leverage the Splunk big data platform, to advance their data intelligence capabilities. Whether you are implementing a new Splunk big data platform or looking to gain more value from your existing deployment; we can provide skilled guidance, and expertise.

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence involves collecting information and applying knowledge, creativity, and skill in order to derive business value. Understanding the data you are looking at, what to look for and how to correlate the data with other sources is key for maximizing data intelligence capabilities. Our expertise and experience across a wide range of Operational and Security use cases, allows us to rapidly extract insight and intelligence from your data and ensures your return on investment.

Data Reporting

Data reporting is probably one of the most important components of any data intelligence strategy. There are many ways to report and visualize data and picking the right approach is key to empowering business users to embrace and, more importantly, trust the data being presented. Whether it be simple or advanced dashboards, reports, fully featured applications or real-time alerts; we can ensure an effective data reporting approach that provides new insights, is usable by all and facilitates competitive advantage.