Discovered Intelligence Featured in Splunk’s Partner+ Press Release

Here at Discovered Intelligence we are extremely proud to have been a Splunk partner since 2013, and even more proud at the focus and commitment that Splunk has shown to their partner community over those years through continued growth and enablement.

This morning’s press release by Splunk on the growth of their global partner ecosystem highlighted that commitment as Discovered Intelligence was one of three featured partner’s attesting to the success of Splunk’s Partner+ program.

Our own Paul Johnson was quoted as saying, “Our collaboration with Splunk began in 2013 when we founded the company on our passion for the Splunk platform. Since then we have worked with hundreds of Splunk customers and actively service some of the most successful and largest deployments of Splunk in the world. We have more than doubled the size of our award winning Splunk team and experienced a 25 percent growth in revenue year-over-year, driven by customer success in information security and IT use cases. Splunk’s commitment to maintaining a continuous feedback loop on their Partner+ Program allows us to provide real-time insights into how the program could be strengthened to drive mutual profitability. We are thrilled with the improvements Splunk has made to date and look forward to those on the horizon.”


Splunk’s press release can be read, in its entirety, here:


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