Discovered Intelligence is able to offer Professional Services in both Splunk and Hadoop related technologies. Our significant expertise in the big data intelligence area allows us to leverage a best practice driven approach to greatly decrease the time required to gain value from your technology investment.

Our professional services team can help you overcome many different challenges and ease the transition into using these new technologies.

Architecture & Design

There is never a one solution that fits all approach when implementing big data related technologies. Our in-house experts are able to architect & design infinitely scalable platforms, that work together with what you already have in place already across your enterprise. Our architecture and design expertise leverages years of hands-on knowledge in the field, to ensure solutions are designed with best practices in mind from the start. This approach helps to ensure systems scale appropriately, perform optimally and reduces the need for rework in the future.

Custom Development

We are able to develop custom applications that facilitate easy intelligence reporting and analytics on your data sets. For example, you may wish to develop a solution that allows for intelligence and analytics reporting from one place, aggregating data from several applications into one. Additionally, we are able to customise out-of-the-box Splunk applications to your specific environment and have them deliver a lot more value to your business.


Big data technologies typically require significant investment in infrastructure and the complexity of implementing them can be challenging. Various different components have to be configured such that they work together and infrastructure could be located internally, in the cloud, or both. Our practical implementation experience and knowledge of best practices will help to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Upgrades & Migrations

As with any technology, upgrades are typically required from time to time – often annually. However, the effort to upgrade can be significant, especially if your data sets are large, you lack the expertise or the system is relied upon by many individuals. Additionally, migrations from one technology to another (e.g. hardware upgrades/changes) can also present more challenges. Our experienced personnel can help alleviate these challenges and ensure upgrades and/or migrations are well planned and executed without issue.

Education & Training

The technologies we implement are, for the most part, relatively new and often require a different way of thinking to traditional approaches. Ensuring your key personnel are adequately trained will complement your solution investment and really is critical to your success. We offer both certified and custom training courses in both Splunk and Hadoop. Courses are specifically designed around the personnel you wish to train, such as administrators, developers, analysts etc. These courses can be delivered in-person or virtually.