Real-time Asset Discovery and Attribution for Information Security Teams

It is vitally important for information security teams to understand the assets in use across the enterprise, such that they can be managed and protected appropriately and to prevent threats from exploiting vulnerabilities of an asset; potentially causing subsequent harm to the organization.

Aura Asset Intelligence™ leverages the domain expertise of Discovered Intelligence to deliver real-time asset discovery and attribution. The solution utilizes advanced correlation of data sets, together with the application of patent-pending logic, to help security teams quickly discover, report and investigate on active assets and identities.

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Aura Asset Intelligence

✓ Quickly identify assets during an investigation – Attribute assets and users to any IP over any time frame.

✓ Reduce your risk exposure – Keep track of assets as they change in real-time and discover rogue or unmanaged assets on your network.

✓ Add context to data and security investigations – Gain vital context and identify relationships between assets and identities.

✓ Enhance and enrich your asset visibility – A powerful contextual enrichment intelligence engine identifies relationships across common assets and fill any gaps.

✓ Use a real-time, intelligence driven approach – Patent-pending correlation and prioritization logic builds a single source of truth from multiple sources of record.


Full reporting on the discovered assets and identities across your organization.


Perform investigations into assets, IPs, subnets, identities and their interrelationships.


Attribute users and assets to the IPs in your data over time and track historic IP assignment.


Measure and validate compliance against common security metrics and policies.

Aura Asset Intelligence Add-On for Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) is known for providing real-time answers to your real-time security situations, but to ensure you have the most accurate real-time answers, you need real-time asset intelligence and attribution. Something that Splunk ES alone, does not provide.

The Aura Asset Intelligence Add-On for Splunk ES helps to increase the capabilities and accuracy of Splunk Enterprise Security by integrating the asset intelligence capabilities of Aura with your Splunk ES deployment.

Aura Splunk ES
Splunk ES (without Aura)Splunk ES (with Aura)
Manually build a list of assets and identities.Automatically build the asset and identity tables required for Splunk ES.
Asset lists are static and contain stale data unless frequently updated.Dynamically update Splunk ES Asset tables in near real-time, to ensure the most accurate data is used for your notable events and alerting.
Inaccurate attribution of assets for events over time, as correlation is only performed against the current asset listing.Accurately attribute assets and identities for events at any point in time.
Asset Investigator correlates only IP to events over time.Aura Asset Intelligence swim lane within the Asset Investigator helps visualize asset attribution and activity over time.
Limited asset and identity center dashboards.Leverage Aura’s powerful asset intelligence reporting and investigating capabilities directly within Splunk ES.
Threat correlation only against IP.Threat correlation against assets and users attributed with identified IPs at the time of the threat.

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