Discovered Intelligence is highly skilled in Splunk Application development and we have developed customized applications for many customers and on behalf of vendors. Leveraging our years of expertise, we are able to develop professional looking applications that perform and scale to the largest data sets. Splunk applications can vary from single commands that extend Splunk’s functionality, to fully featured solutions, containing multiple reports, alerts and dashboards. If you are looking for a Splunk application to be developed; contact us today to find out more.

In addition to developing Splunk appications for customers and vendors, we also occasionally publish our own apps for download from the Splunk Base App store. These published apps are detailed below.

Meta Woot!

The Meta Woot! Splunk app from Discovered Intelligence maintains a near real-time state table of host, sourcetype and index metadata. Leveraging Splunk’s KV store, it differs from the metadata command in that it is accurate at scale and allows users to instantly report on host, sourcetype and/or index together. Summary based event count trending is also included, allowing users to quickly track event counts over time. The app includes searching and trending reporting.
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Sendresults Command

sendresults is an immensely powerful, life-changing Splunk command developed by Discovered Intelligence, that allows you to send tabulated search results to individuals dynamically, based upon the data within the results. This means that you no longer need to hard-code an email into the search, but can evaluate the email instead.
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Heartbleed Command

A Splunk command named heartbleedtest, developed by Discovered Intelligence (DI), that can be used to check your internal infrastructure and external websites for the Heartbleed vulnerability.
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